The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular and sought after electric cars on the planet. Like the Model S and the Model X that went before it is sleek, stylish, and tech-filled. The family car is not only a great TV, but it’s also a current driving electric award winner, so it’s no wonder that the automated establishment is rushing to produce it.

Don’t take what is become a bestselling recipe for the California electric car company. The model 3 currently matches compact executive cars like the Audi A4, Mercedes C Class, and BMW 3 Series on price. But none of those rivals can match its blend of blistering acceleration.

Never mind its sophisticated electric drivetrain. Now, though, there are some cars on the way that could give Tesla’s in trouble. Due to arrive in 2021, the BMW I4 is aimed directly at the model 3. It’s still a concept for now, but a production version is already been spied testing on public roads and it’s due for reveal in the not too distant future.

BMW ones make sure the production i4 has what it takes. Temp buyers away from the Tesla pricing will likely run close to the model 3, which currently starts from just under 40,000 pounds, rising to not far off 60,000 pounds for the fastest performance model. Even at the bottom of that price range, the Tesla gets a good amount of standard equipment given its Spartan Interior, but it’s the groundbreaking infotainment that steals the show.

Displayed in a huge 15-inch screen, the system is used to control just how everything the car does. The BMW will have to match the tester in this area and if the concept is anything to go by, that’s exactly what it will try to do. However, unlike the test, a single central screen, the BMW features a pair of LG infotainment displays sat on top of the dashboard, wrapping around behind the steering wheel.

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The Eiffel concept system has a number of display modes that pair with the car’s ambient lighting. Overall, it looks like the BMW won’t be going for quite the same level of minimalism that Tesla has, but we wager many buyers may favor that more conventional layout. It’s not yet clear how the BMW I4 range will take shape. Previously the German brand has been keen to set it’s all-electric I sub-brand apart from the usual SC sport and M sports taxonomy.

So the Eiffel and forthcoming IX 3S UV could well break that trend. However, it’s organized. You can expect the Eiffel Tower for a high-quality interior and plenty of kit as standard. The key battle between these two cars we fought over the Internet with their electric drivetrains and exactly how usable the BMW is in the real world test has the market to itself in this respect.

With long-range model offering up to 348 miles on a charge. It charges quickly and easily. BMW’s give us a few details of what we can expect from the I4 thanks to some specs for the concept version range of 373 miles is claimed comfortably exceeding that of the Tesla from a slightly larger 80 kWh battery. But whether it can manage such a lofty figure. Remains to be seen him lately. Hasn’t talked about charging speeds yet, but it will have to come close to the model freeze to compete on the performance front.

It’s unlikely that the BMW will be quite as ballistic as the Tesla, but it promises to split the difference between model threes, entry-level and top-spec models.

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BMW claims N 62 will take just 4 seconds, but the top speed of 124 miles an hour. BMW need to have a higher power model to take on the model 3 performance perhaps, and I4S or I4M could fill that void. The Tesla Model 3 falls short when it comes to practicality the area of it is not actually that big redhead miss little Titan Neary was nothing to write home about there’s more than enough space up front though the BMW I 4 is essentially an electric version of the forthcoming BMW 4 Series Gran coupe there based on the same platform and so should offer similar interior space.

The car sleeping refund could be an issue, but all the rear seat passengers so we’ll have to wait and see how it stacks up. And while the test after three-seat rear bench, the BMW I4 at least in concept form only has space for two in the back. Still, the Tesla Saloon body limits it out like versatility and it’s likely the Eiffel will get some more practical catch like a tailgate. This will be a boon for those looking to make maximum use of their electric cars boot space. Or run one as their only car. So is the forthcoming I4 worth waiting for on paper? It certainly looks like a test.

It could have a decent fight on its hands. The Model 3 remains a great all-around electric car, and for many, the pull of the brand in its disruptive ideals is just what they’ll be after. However, given our experience of the current crop of BM WS, it seems unlikely the Eiffel could be anything other than great to drive well built. Not to scratch in technological terms, we will have to wait and see what happens when the iPhone arrives next year, but the signs are promising.

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